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Message From Ohmiya
Greeting from Ohmiya to Our Customers

The history of Ohmiya starts with my father, the late Yoshio Ohmi. He started a small business that manufactured and sold meat slicers after studying German machine in 1930s. This, of course, was before World WarU, when meat was a luxury food for ordinary people. A few years after the war ended, in March of 1950, Ohmiya Seisakusho became a corporate entity and the business has been run as such to date.

After the war, the company manufactured variety of food slicing machine, particularly for whale meat processing (slicers for whale tails, skin and meat, and bandsaws). But whale resources dwindled, so the company had to look elsewhere to promote its slicers. Fortunately, right at the time, the boom in frozen tuna started. We developed a large sized bandsaw (heavy duty bandsaws for cutting frozen tuna and swordfish from round to loin) and sold it to various businesses, being a pioneer in the field. Eventually, a Conger (hamo fish) Bone Cutting Machine, a Center Cutting Machine and other devices were developed one after another.

I joined the company in 1976, but when I was still a young student, I helped load machines onto trucks and assisted in the traveling to wholesale markets and marine product processing factories all over Japan as a part-time worker. Right after I started working full-time, these machines sold really well and I traveled all the time. The people I met at the time and the valuable opinions they offered have been quite useful in my current work.

One thing I'll never forget is when we developed the Conger Bone Cutting Machine. The first prototype had a series of failures, and we received calls almost everyday. I can vividly remember being afraid to take phone calls at that time. Of course, we couldn't let the machines stop on our customers. So we looked for parts and banged on the shutters of implement stores, even on holidays. We somehow kept the machines running. Our customers at the time didn't abandon us or our machines, and gave us a lot of advice instead.

Machines are not only the concern of manufacturers. They would never improve without the cooperation of customers. There is nothing more valuable than opinions coming out of an actual operation site. I believe a major part of our job is to listen to their opinions so we can go forward.

Based in Osaka, Japan, Ohmiya is not a big company. However, I have faith that once a customer purchases our products and establish a relationship with us, we will offer the best maintenance we can.

Our company employs just a few good workers, and we may not sell as many machines as other manufactures do. But if you are considering purchasing a machine, please talk to our customers. You will find out that I, Yoshimasa Ohmi, am telling you the truth.

As we open our homepage, I would like to mention something my late father, Yoshio Ohmi used to say,

"I find time to fill open time."

I believe that even in this recession, there are many things remaining to do. If you have time, you can visit customers and their work sites, ask them about and solve any problems they may have. There are things you can do. Sitting at your desk is not work.

October 2002, Yoshimasa Ohmi, President, Ohmiya Seisakusho

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